Graffiti Writer


Overlap direction:

(Allowed range: -20 to +40. A negative overlap spaces the characters out farther.)

(Allowed range: 0 to 20. Each letter will be adjusted up or down by a random number of pixels in this range.)

Primary color: (Allowed ranges: 0 to 255.)

Secondary color: (Allowed ranges: 0 to 255.)

Output format:

About the Graffiti Writer

This script takes the text you enter and produces a graphic file of that text in graffiti-style lettering. You can download this file and use it for whatever you want.

In general, characters that appear on a QWERTY keyboard will be recognized. Unrecognized characters will be replaced with a default character.

It is open source, in case you want to modify it or run it on your own server. You can also create your own writing styles, and you'll probably want to, if you have more artistic skill than me.