Sinfest RSS feed

Sinfest is a long-running webcomic that, for whatever reason, does not have its own syndication feed (at least not one that's current & maintained). So I made an RSS feed for it.

Everyone is welcome to use this. If you have the option, consider setting your feed reader to request it no more than once or twice a day, to conserve bandwidth. (The comic, and therefore the feed, are only updated once a day anyway.)

Sinfest is © Tatsuya Ishida. I am not affiliated with Ishida in any way, and have never even spoken with him. The comic often expresses political views; I neither state, nor intend to imply, any opinion about those views.



Sinsyn (that's what I'm calling it) was designed to minimize its impact on Sinfest's bandwidth and advertising revenue.

Source code

Sinsyn relies on the fact that Sinfest strips have unique, predictable URLs, in the format, and that the Sinfest server responds to requests for those URLs in a sensible fashion. The script should be easy to adapt for any other webcomic that has similar qualities. You are welcome to reuse, redistribute, and/or edit the script under the terms of the MIT License.

The script is written in Perl. You may need to install some additional modules from CPAN. Then you'll probably want to set the script to run once a day via cron or some other task scheduler. It will create/update a file named sinfest.rss, which is the feed.

Other feeds

This is not the only unofficial Sinfest RSS feed out there. If you don't like mine, try one of these: