A red robot says: "I require the following data in order to tell this story!"

The Malfunctioning Storyteller

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant scientist who didn't like telling stories. So he built a robot to tell stories for him. But the robot malfunctioned! Now it doesn't remember all of the words to its stories. But it can still tell them to you—as long as you supply the missing words.

Help a robot out

I want to hear:
an adjective:
a verb:
an adverb:
a plural noun:
a noun:

You can put this on your site

The source code for The Malfunctioning Storyteller is in the public domain. To use it, you will need a web server with PHP installed. It would help if you knew PHP, but it's not mandatory.

Download storyteller.zip or storyteller.tar.gz and extract the files to their own directory. Then follow the instructions in the readme file.


Yes, this is kind of like Mad Libs. No, this site is not affiliated in any way with Mad Libs™ or its creators (Roger Price & Leonard Stern, whose contribution to modern culture is greatly appreciated) or publishers.